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We are committed to working with our patients on individualized treatment programs. This means that we do not overbook and therefore we can evaluate our patient’s progress each session and modify the program appropriately. We do not leave patients to “work out” as if you were in a gym. We observe patient performance and response to treatment and utilize many “hands on” manual techniques.

Our staff is experienced and compassionate. We all believe that we are treating the whole person, not just the injury. We work with our patients to establish realistic goals and then provide the guidance necessary to achieve them.

We have private treatment rooms which assure patient confidentiality and comfort.

Our facility is very accessible with free parking right outside the door. The atmosphere is bright and cheerful which helps to encourage recovery and positive energy.


What distinguishes Upstate Physical Therapy
from other physical therapy providers?

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​We provide evaluation and treatment for the following: 
• Back pain 

• Spinal stenosis
• Neck pain 
• Shoulder problems 
• Knee injuries 
• Ankle/Foot sprains and injuries 
• Arthritis 
• Elbow/wrist tendinitis 
• Tennis elbow

• Repetitive strain injuries

• Post-surgical rehabilitation including:
   o Rotator cuff repairs 
   o Knee and shoulder arthroscopies 
   o Ankle and foot surgical repairs
   o Back surgery 
   o Sports Related Injuries 

   o Total Joint Replacements
• Neurological disorders 
• Neuropathy

• Postural Education